Inquire Undergraduate Admission

If you experience technical difficulty when applying online, please do not hesitate to contact the Admission Section, Registrar's Office, BUET, and we will be happy to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • Q. Do I need to collect an Application Form from the Registrar's Office at BUET?
  • A. No. The Form will be available only online at the BUET website (
  • Q. Can I take a print out of the form and fill it with a pen?
  • A. No. You can fill the form online only.
  • Q. The automatically loaded grades and/or marks do not match with my grade sheet. What should I do?
  • A. You can edit the automatically loaded grades and marks. However, you have to be certain that you are providing correct information. The information will later be carefully scrutinized. Any wrong information will lead to cancellation of the application.
  • Q. Do I need to provide information of all the fields of the application form?
  • A. Applicants passing SSC/equivalent and HSC/equivalent examinations from any national education boards, Madrasah board or Technical education board can skip only the field of Phone No, if you do not have one, and Line 2 of each address field. Applicants passing examinations from a board other than the aforementioned boards, please refer to the following question.
  • Q. Which fields of the application form can be skipped by applicants passing examinations from somewhere other than any national education boards,Madrasah board or Technical education board?
  • A. You can skip the following fields.

    Information regarding SSC or equivalent examination: You can skip the fields of Registration No, GPA/ Marks and GPA Scale/ Full Marks. However, you must provide the Name of Institution and Roll No.

    Information regarding HSC or equivalent examination: You can skip the fields of Registration No, GP Obtained in English, GP Obtained in Bangla, Total GP/ Marks Obtained, GPA Scale/ Full Marks and GPA/ Marks Obtained (with Additional subject). However, you must provide the Name of Institution, Roll No. and Grade obtained in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

  • Q. If I have multiple roll numbers in SSC/ HSC or equivalent examination from a foreign board, which one should I enter?
  • A. Any one of the valid roll numbers, preferably the latest one.
  • Q. I do not own a mobile phone. Can I skip the field of mobile phone number?
  • A. No. Even if you do not own a mobile phone, please provide the mobile phone number of a person through whom the BUET authority can contact you if necessary.
  • Q. The remaining part of my address is too long. What should I do?
  • A. You have to type the remaining part of your address in a concise meaningful way so that it does not exceed 80 characters (50 characters in the text box of Line 1 and 30 characters in the text box of Line 2).
  • Q. I could not follow the code shown at the bottom of the form. What should I do?
  • A. If you cannot follow the code, you can change it by pressing the button just below the text. If you can read the changed code then enter it, else change again. You can repeat the process until you can read the code.
  • Q. Should I take print out of the "Preview" of my application?
  • A. No. PDF version is generated only for the applicants marked as E,T,S or R.In such cases you are supposed to take print out of the PDF version of the application form, which is generated only after clicking the "Submit" button.
  • Q. How can I be sure that my online application is submitted?
  • A. You will be prompted a message stating that you have successfully submitted the online application. In the message an automatically generated Serial No. of Application Form will also be mentioned. Please take note of this Serial No. for future use.
  • Q. After clicking the "Submit" button, I did not get any message. What should I do?
  • A. This may happen due to power failure or other occasional technical problems. In this case, you have to fill the form again and resubmit.
  • Q. I have made unintentional mistakes in my submitted online application. What should I do?
  • A. You can fill up a new online application form afresh and then submit again. Please take note of the new Serial No. for future use.
  • Q. I have made multiple online submissions. Will that be a problem?
  • A. No. You need to keep record of the Serial No. of the application for which you have made the payment through Mobile Banking (SureCash/Rocket/bKash).
  • Q. How can I pay the Application Fee through Mobile Banking (SureCash/Rocket/bKash)?
  • A. SureCash payment steps / Rocket payment steps / bKash payment steps
  • Q. I do not have a printer. What can I do?
  • A. There will be computer and printing facilities at BUET for applicants. Please contact the Admission Section of the Registrar's Office, BUET.